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About Us

Learning in Great Hands



At MemVim Day Centre, we believe in the power of inclusion and empowerment for individuals with learning disabilities. Our person-centered approach focuses on tailoring our services to meet the unique needs and goals of each participant. We promote independence through nurturing support, fostering self-determination, and offering opportunities for personal growth. By fostering engagement and social connections, we create a sense of belonging and purpose. We value collaborative partnerships with families, caregivers, and professionals to provide holistic care. With a commitment to continuous growth, we stay updated with research and best practices. Together, we create an environment that celebrates abilities and promotes overall well-being.

Health & Safety

the health and safety of our participants, staff, and visitors is paramount. We prioritize their well-being by maintaining a secure and comfortable environment through trained staff, regular facility maintenance, cleanliness, and proper sanitization protocols. We are prepared for emergencies with clear procedures, conduct risk assessments, and adhere to medication management protocols. Our commitment to safety is evident through strict adherence to guidelines, open communication, and reporting procedures. We continuously review and update our practices to ensure a secure environment for everyone at MemVim Day Centre

Washing Hands
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